Hiking a coast to coast trail - to raise awareness


My sister was murdered - a victim of Domestic Violence. Help me help end Domestic Violence.

Juli was murdered by her estranged husband.  Shot multiple times in front of their two young children.  Help me help end Domestic Violence

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I am Hiking the American Discovery Trail. A coast to coast trail - from CA to DE.  I will be raising  awareness  to  let  women  know  that  there  are resources available  for  them.    

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Together we can help end domestic violence.   Donations will assist me with food, gear, lodging and other unforeseen expenses.

GoFundMe - dee goes from trial to trail

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I am about to embark on an incredible journey - a journey of a lifetime.  

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Stop the Denial

We all need to stop the denial

testing my gear

I am very fortunate to have so many thoughtful people in my life.  The donations have provided me with this hiking trailer and solar panels (along with all my other gear).  Yes, I am fortunate.

Getting to the roots

in Colorado ... and getting to the roots of my hike across America 

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Check out this great video!  I put my favorite photos (to date) together with my favorite song,  Amazing Grace.  Please listen to my message and enjoy viewing my photos

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With all of us working together we can end domestic violence

On the trail - to make a difference

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